South Windsor Teen Publishes First Book

Kaitlyn Mazur, who graduated from South Windsor High in June, wrote the 450-page fantasy novel "Immortal Angel."

For most people, writing a novel is a daunting task that requires, among other things, time, focus, patience and energy.

The combination of obstacles makes it  rare for even the most motivated and accomplished writer to actually finish one.

It’s even more rare for an author to publish her first book while still in high school.

But Kaitlyn Mazur (pen name Killoran Mazur), who just turned 18 in March, proved to be the rarest exception to the rule, as she self published the 450-page fantasy novel “Immortal Angel” earlier this year while she was still a senior at South Windsor High.

Broadly stated, the book tells the tale of a war between angels and demons as told through the eyes of an angel who was formerly a demon.

And while Mazur, who plans on studying English at Manchester Community College either this fall or the following semester, is happy to have sold several hundred copies of her work, she remains remarkably grounded.

“I honestly don’t feel that special,” she said in a telephone interview on Tuesday, though she admitted that it was an achievement to complete the book as she “has the attention span of a mouse sometimes.”

Mazur drew her inspiration for “Immortal Angel” through vivid dreams that she wrote down in her journal when she was a sophomore in high school. Two years later, after going through the arduous process of writing the novel, and having the novel edited by a college-age friend, Mazur completed “Immortal Angel,” which is now available on websites such as Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com for $16.95.

And while it’s a fantasy novel, “Immortal Angel” does not have its roots in the “Harry Potter” or “Twilight” series, according to Mazur.

But Mazur’s book has served as an inspiration for her friends; Jessica Gray drew pictures of scenes from the novel while Mike Lynch made a movie trailer based on the book.

The book, the artwork and the movie trailer were all on display at a party at the Charles N. Enes Community Center last Friday that drew about 40 people.

Lynch, for his part, said that he “really enjoyed” the book.

“It was really well-written,” he said. “The characters were very likeable. Even the un-likeable ones still had redeemable traits.”

Mazur hasn’t just gotten rave reviews from her friends.

A reviewer on Amazon wrote that “I've read it twice already and can’t wait for the next. This author is very skilled for her age!”

“I haven’t heard anything negative yet,” Mazur said.

That’s good news for the characters in “Immortal Angel,” as Mazur said she is working on a sequel.


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