Patch’s Poll: Should Bysiewicz Pull The Murphy Attack Ad and Apologize?

Susan Bysiewicz admits that parts of her latest Wall Street-focused ad against her U.S. Senate opponent are “inaccurate,” but says she’ll continue to run the political ad because the overall message stands, as reported by CTNewsJunkie.com.

Following a televised debate on Sunday, former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewiczacknowledged that certain aspects of her latest attack ad against Democratic primary frontrunner Rep. Chris Murphy were “inaccurate.”

The ad has sparked a back-and-forth between the Democratic candidates, who are both gearing up for the Aug. 14 primary in Connecticut.

In the 30-second ad, which is viewable here, Bysiewicz takes aim at campaign contributions Murphy has received since being elected to Congress in 2006. Bysiewicz claims Murphy has received more hedge fund donations than any other Democrat in Congress.

This claim, as her campaign acknowledged, was inaccurate. However, as reported by CTNewsJunkie.com, Bysiewicz says the overall message stands: Murphy has received significant financial backing from Wall Street.

From 2006 to 2011, Murphy has accepted more than $700,000 in contributions from financial entities, although not all of that was straight Wall Street cash, according to OpenSecrets.org. In fact,as CTMirror.org points out, the category is broad because it includes many Connecticut-based financial houses as well as insurers within Hartford.

"Here's the larger point," Bysiewicz spokesman Jonathan Ducote told CTMirror.org. "There is a whole series of data points we were trying to demonstrate. He has benefited from Wall Street cash to the detriment of the middle class."

Murphy’s campaign has argued that the ad should come down, citing the fact that it contains the inaccuracies.

Murphy told CTNewsJunkie.com the following:

“If Susan is continuing to insist on running the ad it reflects a denial of reality that is both sad and a little frightening.”

What is your take on this ad? Should Bysiewicz remove it and apologize because a portion of it is incorrect? Or should she continue to run the ad because, as her campaign puts it, the overall message of the ad is accurate? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

Kathy July 25, 2012 at 03:43 AM
I was ready to vote for her for governer and then she spotted a new position that was more desirable. She did not handle it well. I feel that she is only in it for herself and not for the constituents and doesn't care what position she has. I am apalled that she has knowingly put out an ad that is inaccurate and refuses to pull it.


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