Plenty of Hurricane Stuff in the Camping Bag

Here are five useful items found in advance of Hurricane Sandy's arrival.

So the last thing anyone is thinking about is an outdoor recreational adventure when a massive storm is approaching.

Ah, but the camping bag contains a lot of stuff useful during a hurricane.

Here are five of them:

1. The headlamp. It's better than any flashlight because it frees up both hands. Imagine trying to fill the generator with gas at 3 a.m. without one?

2. The rain suit. Wind + Umbrella = disaster. The rain suit is comfortable, easy to put on and it keeps you dry when you have to run out and start dragging fallen tree branches around.

3. The campfire grill. Yes, it's plan C after the gas grill and PB&J for a week, but if that thing runs out of propane and you get sick of kids sandwiches, then slap it over the backyard fire ring and have at it. There is even a recipe for those thawing fish sticks:

Build low fire, place campfire grill on top. Get non-stick pan. Pour a little oil in non-stick pan. Throw fish sticks in pan with oil. Fry until done. Yell loudly, "Where's the tartar sauce?"

4. The extra tarp. Is there anything a tarp can't be used for? It's like duct tape. But in the form of a tarp.

5. The sun shower. These things are great and have domestic applications if a hot water heater is not working. You fill the bag with water, place it in the sun on a tree limb, the reflective backing helps heat the water. Gravity lets the water flow to the shower head. Just warn the neighbors before using outside or just move it inside the regular shower.


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