Calls to South Windsor Police Up, But Crime Down

Chief of Police Matthew Reed released statistics to the Town Council this week.

The number of service calls that the South Windsor police department received may have gone up dramatically in 2012, but the level of crime in town appears to have decreased.

Indeed, according to statistics provided by Chief of Police Matthew Reed, the South Windsor police department fielded a 4-year high of 44,701 calls for service in 2012, some 7,400 more than the department answered in 2011.

The department issued more citations in 2012 (2,330) than in 2011 (1,976), but the number of criminal arrests (645), criminal arrests cases in which penal code offenses were reported (938), assaults (4), domestic incidents (218), cases in which narcotics offenses were reported (78), burglaries (49), larcenies (340) and sexual assaults (7) were all at 4-year lows.

Medical assist calls (2,198) and 9-1-1 calls (7,463) were also down in 2012 versus 2011 (2,347 and 8,286, respectively).

Pistol permits are also on the rise, with 169 issued in 2012, compared to just 22 in 2003.


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