Mayor Asks for 'Request For Proposal' for Ambulance Services

The Town Council wants Advances Life Services to be available in South Windsor.

With the town’s population growing and resident needs evolving, it is time to seriously consider ways to make advance life support services available in town, according to council members.

For this reason, Mayor Thomas A. Delnicki, at the behest of the council, has directed the town manager and town attorney to draft a request to solicit proposals for ways to provide such services in South Windsor.

"It's about time that the town offers paramedic service," Councilor Keith Yagaloff said.

Currently, the South Windsor Ambulance Corps, the town’s primary ambulance provider, offers EMT, or basic life support services, but a Manchester ambulance company must be called in if a paramedic, or additional advanced life support services, is required. 

As a result, possibly up to 40 percent of patients are double billed - one for the South Windsor Ambulance Corps’ transportation costs and then for the Advanced Life Services (ALS) costs from the Manchester ambulance.

"They've served our town well, but the times have changed ... it's time to evolve," Councilor Saud Anwar said during a meeting Monday night, referring to the increasing number of seniors in South Windsor.

Councilor Edward Havens was quick to defend the ambulance corps’ long history of serving the town of South Windsor. 

"It appears to me that it is us against them," Havens said, adding that in order to maintain fairness “they should be become part of this conversation."

"We have asked them to come in," Yagaloff said. "We have engaged them." 

In March of 2012, representatives from the South Windsor Ambulance Corps said that it would cost up to $700,000 to upgrade to paramedic-level care.

But at a Town Council meeting on Dec. 17, 2012, Galligan said that the town could obtain advance life support services for no additional cost. He did not elaborate how that would be done.

In Jan. 22 letter, Larry Gorman and the other members of the Board of Directors for South Windsor Ambulance Corps defended the EMS-only service, suggesting that instead of distributing a Request

For Proposal for advanced services, the town should ask for an RFP for a consultant to come in and evaluate the situation. 

Monday night members of the town council rejected this idea.

"We made a decision as a town that we want ALS," Yagaloff said. "They want to do a study."

Delnicki has directed Town Manager Matthew Galligan to request the Town Attorney to get out an RFP for services as soon as possible. 

"This is not new," Galligan said. "People are trying very hard to work with the level of care."

Other neighboring towns that already provide paramedic-level care include East Windsor, Windsor, Enfield and Manchester.

John Dawson February 06, 2013 at 12:13 PM
It's too late to do anything about last years tragedy. There will obviously be a lawsuit, but Tom can't undue that by rushing into an expensive contract.
keith yagaloff February 06, 2013 at 06:13 PM
The fees that SWAC receives are paid by insurance, not the town. The town council has learned that many of the SWAC calls are for transport only, such as a nursing home or assisted living transport to the hospital for a routine procedure. Other calls are for EMT only calls. A third category is when SWAC arrives along with ASM (Manchester) for an advanced life support call. The care is provided by ASM and transport is done by ASM, but SWAC bills for transport for coming to the scene with ASM. In those cases, SWAC charges and ASM charges are put on one bill. If someone requires emergency care for a serious situation they would want paramedic service which SWAC does not provide. Currently, insurance pays for SWAC and ASM to run their services. How does it make sense for us to have two distinct ambulance companies in town, with only the out of town ambulance company having paramedic service? Paramedic calls have two ambulances arriving and billing when only one is needed. SWAC lacks the capability of providing anything other than basic EMT care.
Pam Petersen February 07, 2013 at 02:08 AM
There is no "contract" costs. If you call 911 and need an ambulance, either BLS or ALS you, the patient is billed, not the town. SW Ambulance has NO connection to the town other than getting free rent, free gas and being able to ride on the Town Insurance plan. Although their tax filing is classed as 'not for profit', they do make profit....just ask Keith to show you their tax returns for the last 5 years. They also draw large salaries for the administration which may be directed to serving the community instead.
Pam Petersen February 07, 2013 at 02:16 AM
As I said over a year ago, SWAC will not go ALS unless they are forced to do this by the Town. There is a HUGE ego sitting atop this ambulance company who will put his selfish wants above the needs of the residents. At one time there were 3 paramedics and 4 IV techs working for SWAC, but they were driven out due to the fact that SW ambuance will not better themselves and take the necessary steps to go to an ALS provider.


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