South Windsor Election Guide 2012

The candidates, incumbents and issues that will be affecting South Windsor and the area.

As we look ahead to November’s elections, South Windsor Patch is devoted to bringing you the information you need about every race in town. Here's our start on the candidates and issues we'll be covering as November draws near. 


(D): The president came to Connecticut last election to stump for his Democratic colleagues, although this year he could be more busy campaigning for himself.  

(R): The former governor is no stranger to Connecticut, having most recently visited in May for a lucrative fundraiser.

U.S. Senate

Editor's Note: Both the Democrats and republicans have 

 (D): The Democratic congressman is polling ahead of his closest party rival by a 50-20 margin as he tries to win outgoing Sen. Joe Lieberman’s seat.

 (D): The Democratic candidate for Senate has her work cut out for her as she tries to lessen U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy’s strong lead as the August primary approaches.

Sylvester Salcedo (D): The Bridgeport lawyer is known for being one of the few Asian-Americans to run for U.S. Senate in the 2012 election — perhaps now the only one since  — as well as driving to the Mexican border earlier this year to gain a some attention for his campaign.

Lee Whitnum (unaffiliated): The Greenwich resident sparked some controversy recently when  because Gov. Malloy and Rep. Chris Murphy are "lying to the people to pander to the ultra-conservative branch of the Jewish community." She announced in June that she would 

 (R): The former WWE executive tried – and failed – in her run for U.S. Senate two years ago. This year, she was the Republican favorite after .

 (R): Despite losing the party nominations to Linda McMahon, .

Kie Westby (R): , the Southbury attorney said that career politicians have had their chance to make changes. "It requires a fresh face, a fresh approach," he said. Although he hasn't officially suspended his campaign, Westby recently announced that he wouldn't submit the signatures required to be part of the Republican primary.

First Congressional District

John Larson (D): Rep. John Larson has been serving the first congressional district in congress since 1999. During his tenure, Larson has secured the defense contracts for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter's F-135 Engine, which were built in Connecticut in 2011.

He recently started the Connecticut with the purpose of the program being to bring what are known as "Track One” candidates together with prospective employers who are looking for a certain skill set.

He recently introduced "the 'Victory for Veterans' commemorative stamp, which is a 21 cent stamp that has no postage value, but can be placed on letters to show support for our veterans," according to an email from his spokesman.

John Decker (R):  On his Facebook page, John Decker states that he is a "real person" and not a "career politician." 

"I look forward to a time when we elect real people at home in their communities instead of re-electing career politicians interested in spending our money and in their own self-preservation," he wrote on his Facebook page.

Decker has served Connecticut as a financial advisor for the past 16 years. He recently earned his certified financial planner designation, serves on the Board of Directors of Business for Downtown Hartford and is a deacon, according to his Facebook page.

Connecticut State Senator 3rd District

Gary D. LeBeau (D): LeBeau, Senate chairman of the Commerce Committee and deputy president pro tempore of the Senate, is seeking his ninth two-year term. He was in May and has been praised for his dedication and tireless work in the legislature, championing job creation, business development, education reform, and other issues important to voters.

Hector Reveron (R): Reveron, 38, was born and raised in New York City and moved to Connecticut in 1999. He is currently employed by Pratt & Whitney as a jet engine test technician. Reveron is the East Hartford Republican Town Committee 1st District Chairman and has volunteered in both George Bush campaigns.

11th Assembly District 

Editor's Note: The 11th Assembly District now includes parts of Manchester, East Hartford and South Windsor. 

Timothy D. Larson (D): The Democratic incumbent, Larson is a former mayor of East Hartford and the brother of Congressman John Larson. 

Thomas Ogar (R): Ogar, a Hartford attorney, is the Republican challenger in the 11th Assembly District.

14th Assembly District

Editor's Note: The 14th Assembly District covers most of South Windsor.

Bill Aman (R): A 65-year-old incumbent and assistant republican House leader, Aman was first elected to the state House of Representatives in 2004 and was re-elected in 2006, 2008 and 2010. He is the ranking member of the House Planning and Development Committee. Prior to his four terms in the state legislature, Aman served two terms as mayor of South Windsor.

Carol Driscoll (D): The secretary of the South Windsor Board of Education, Driscoll is the Democratic nominee to challenge four-term incumbent Republican Bill Aman. According to the South Windsor Democrats website, Driscoll is a retired training specialist for several state agencies.

Fourth District Probate Judge

Marianne Lassman Fisher (D): Marianne Lassman Fisher is the former probate judge of East Windsor and South Windsor's court. The restructuring of the state's probate system created the Greater Windsor Probate Court, in which Lassman Fisher was pitted against Windsor's Brian Griffin in a 2010 election. Griffin won the vote, receiving overwhelming support in Windsor, while Lassman Fisher took home both East Windsor and South Windsor. She picked up support from the South Windsor and East Windsor democrats at the party's convention.

Kevin McCann (R): The South Windsor attorney picked up the Republican party's endorsement on the strength of his practicing law for 29 years, 22 of which were spent exclusively practicing trust, estate and probate law. A South Windsor resident, McCann was recognized by Hartford Magazine as a top attorney in trusts & estates in the area.

Judith Paquin (I): An adjunct professor of legal studies at Quinnipiac University, Paquin has practiced law for 22 years, including temporary custody, adoptions, trusts and other probate matters. A democratic South Windsor resident, Paquin has qualified to run on the ticket as an independent.

(I): Also a democrat running as an independent, South Windsor's Keith Yagaloff currently sits on the town's town council, and operates a legal practice concentrated in the areas of probate, family law and civil litigation. Approved by the State of Connecticut to serve as guardian ad litem for children in family and juvenile matters, Yagaloff's probate experience includeds cases of guardianships for children and the mentally disabled, conservatorships, probating wills, administering estates and probable cause hearings for committed persons.

Hugh Brower July 31, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Marianne Lassman Fisher is the endorsed candidate of the Democratic Party for the Windsor, East Windsor, and South Windsor probate race. She is the only one of the four candidates with real experience as a judge. She is also a former Mayor and her community involvement is well known to the residents and the many families she has helped over the years. Her record quite literally speaks for itself. It's up to the voters to decide on August 21st if they want a candidate with experience or someone who only recently moved back to town.
Judy Paquin July 31, 2012 at 12:22 PM
But, Hugh, Marianne's experience as a Probate Judge is WHY she should not be elected. You really ought to speak to some people that knew her in her court......it was not a pretty sight. South Windsor, East Windsor and Windsor DESERVE a better Probate Judge than Marianne Lassman Fisher. Seems Yagaloff, McCann OR Paquin will fit the bill nicely. I'm glad nobody reads these......hahahahaha Have a nice day!
Judy Paquin August 01, 2012 at 02:10 PM
LETTERMAN'S TOP TEN REASONS TO ELECT JUDY PAQUIN AS PROBATE JUDGE 10. She's affable 9. She's kind, compassionate 8. She has a strong work ethic 7. She has practiced Probate law cases for 24 years 6. She is independent, beholden to no one 5. She is wise 4. She is fair, judicious 3. She gets along well with people 2. She knows the Probate laws and the number one reason to vote for Judy Paquin for Judge of Probate for the Greater WIndsor Probate District is..... 1. For the first time in recorded history the Greater Windsor Probate Court will have a Judge Judy!
Judy Paquin August 09, 2012 at 03:40 PM
Do you know what a "political position" is? I think that it is how the major political parties reward or repay their people who have served the town. Therefore I have been told that the Judge of Probate belongs to Marianne Lassman Fisher because it is a political position. Marianne got the Judge of Probate position in 2002 because it was a political position though she had NO probate experience. Now she has 8 years of Probate experience as a Judge of Probate. I submit that the position of Judge of Probate is a very serious, challenging career position that should go to the most qualified individual. I have 24 years of experience in all probate matters. I have been practicing law for 24 years and have always had probate cases. The very first cases I handled were with Judge Grace in the SW/EW Probate Court. I enjoy doing probate work. I like probate law. I am very good at dealing with people. That is evident by my successful law practice. I have volunteered with children who have lost a parent and I have been a hospice volunteer. I have served the towns in the capacity of School Board Member, Town Councilor, Justice of the Peace. I am a single Mom of two teenagers! I am intelligent, competent, hard-working, creative and compassionate. I am also fun loving and try to see the funny side of things! I am an INDEPENDENT candidate for Probate Judge. I would think that you might want your JUDGE to be independent. See you on August 21, 2012.
Judy Paquin August 12, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Got a phone call from the JI reporter the other day. He said that "Someone" is questioning my residence. Someone? Someone? Well I know that it's not the SW Registrars of Voters. I know that it is not the South Windsor Town Clerk. I know that it is not the Secretary of State. So who is this SOMEONE who is questioning my residence? I have a clue. I think SOMEONE is afraid I am going to win the Probate Judge campaign by a landslide!!!! If someone was truly concerned about my residence they would have brought the matter up back in April or May. To wait until the week before the election is SOMEONE'S attempt to malign me and put doubt on my candidacy. With my 24 years of probate experience, my love of probate law, with my ability to get along well with everyone, even SOMEONE, I will be a phenomenal Judge of Probate. See you on the 21st!


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