South Windsor High Students Ready for New Year

Teens at the high school on Wednesday prepared for the new school year.

School doesn’t start until Aug. 29, but you wouldn’t know it based on the activity at on Wednesday afternoon.

Students lined the school, either gathering for quick reunions, preparing art for the school cafeteria or to practice  for football practice.

The sheer volume of cars in the parking lot made it look like it was mid-October, not the end of August.

Senior Aubrey Wood, senior Kelly Sicord and freshman Erin Sicord, who were painting signs to decorate the walls of the cafeteria, said they were looking forward to the school year.

“We’re excited to start our senior year,” Kelly Sicord said.

Both Kelly Sicord and Wood - field hockey and volleyball players, respectively - said they were looking forward to to the sports season.

Meanwhile, five girls - Sarah Brihan, Serra Czapla, Kristen Wnuck, Rehana Addona and Kaleigh Spiller - were gathered under a tree near the front parking lot to reunite before one of them had to go back to college.

Brihan, a senior, said she was looking forward to her art classes while Spiller said that she couldn’t wait to infuse the school with spirit during sporting events.


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