Photos: South Windsor's First Day of School

More than 4,000 students started the 2012-13 school year on Wednesday.

Anticipation filled the air throughout the South Windsor Public Schools District on Wednesday.

All morning, eyes were eagerly looking for yellow buses to arrive, supplies squarely put away, first day outfits already assembled and ironed... and that was the teachers! 

As students arrived one by one, you could feel their excitement. Even returning students hopped off the bus looking ready for the challenges that the year may bring. Some of the smallest of South Windsor's students, the Kindergarteners, were led by friends, families and neighbors to the door to start school for the very first time.

“The first day of school was smooth," new Pleasant Valley Elementary Principal Tiffany Caouette said. "The students were eager and excited and it showed on their faces." 

"The excitement in the building always reminds us why we do what we do," she said. "I’ve been waiting all summer for students to come back, and today was as wonderful as I had hoped.”

More than 4,000 students started school on Aug. 29.

Do you have some photos of South Windsor kids returning to school this year? Then take this opportunity to show them off!  Upload them to for a chance to win


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